Service: Lyric Search

Looking to capitalize on the overwhelming popularity of “lyrics” as a search term (consistently one of the top, if not the top, overall search terms), Microsoft’s Bing Entertainment team approached LyricFind to provide quality results for these searches. At the time, lyrics-related searches were being directed to many unlicensed, incorrect, and spy- and ad-ware ridden sites across the internet.

The result was a licensing arrangement that allowed Bing to not only display lyrics right on Bing.com, but also use lyrics data to identify and refine music-related searches to provide quality results for users searching for music and lyrics. Linkage data was also provided to allow other Microsoft properties to tie in with the Bing lyrics integration directly, enabling other Microsoft sites to benefit from the integration as well. Bing also displays lyric snippets in search results to help users recognize music and increase the quality of their search results.