Service: Lyric Synchronization

Deezer partnered with LyricFind to offer the first-ever implementation of synchronized lyrics on a major streaming platform. Being an international streaming service, the Deezer team wanted to provide their worldwide audience with lyrics that would match the depth of their music catalogs and support that can span over 100 countries. Deezer also wanted to implement lyrics to be at the forefront of the platform so that they were readily accessible Including lyrics on their platform made it easier for users to access their favourite songs by simply searching for the lyrics and ultimately bring users closer to the music they love.

LyricFind provided lyrics in both synchronized and display modes to Deezer, letting users choose their lyric experience. Their sing-a-long mode allows users to see each line in sync with the music, and their score mode displays all the lyrics on the screen so users can read the words at their own pace.