Service: Lyric Synchronization

Plex, an all-in-one personal media solution across home and mobile devices, wanted to grow their music streaming component to better compete in the marketplace. While their single network multi-channel streaming cemented their position as the ultimate streaming platform for the connected home, their focus was mainly on video. To enhance the music streaming experience, they turned to LyricFind to bring a premium feature to their service: lyrics. Plex’s decision in partnering with us was based on our extensive global licensing coverage, the quality of our product and our comprehensive service.

The Plex music experience now allows users to effortlessly stream songs, albums, and playlists from their entire music library to all of their devices, and enriches the playback experience with recommendations, album art, music videos, and now lyrics powered by LyricFind. Lyrics can be accessed through their network across mobile apps, laptops, computers, tablets, Xbox and PlayStation gaming consoles, Smart TVs and more.

“We’re all about bringing Plex fans the most immersive music experience possible,” confirms Scott Hancock, Plex VP of Marketing. “The integration of LyricFind is an added element that our users love and appreciate.”