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Frequently Asked Questions

How many lyrics are available here?

Right now, we’ve got millions of tracks from 40,000 artists and 200,000 albums available to you. Not bad, eh?

Why are some lyrics in your database not viewable?

Those are cases where we haven’t reached an agreement with the publisher who owns that song, or they’ve specifically blocked the content from lyrics use. We’re always working to add new lyrics and publishers.

I want to advertise in the LyricFind app!

You’re SO awesome. You’re our favourite kind of person (well, you and the people who download the ad-free version…). Give us a call (323-275-1163) or email us at We’ll get you in there!

I’m an artist/writer. How can I get my content included in the LyricFind database?

There are a few different ways. First, you should check to make sure you’re listed in the database – if not, you’ll have to contact All Media Guide ( and get them a copy of your music to add in their database and get it on our radar. Once you’re there, please take a look at our Licensing page for more information about licensing your content to us.

Your lyrics are wrong! You suck!

Thanks. You could’ve been a bit nicer about it, though, eh? We’re Canadian, and we’re always nice to you…so don’t be mean. But hey! Thanks for pointing it out. You can submit correction to us directly through the app – just click on the “Submit a Correction” link below the lyrics. Alternately, if you really want to yell at us personally, you can email us at to tell us how terrible the lyrics are.

Any other questions or comments for us? Drop us an email – – and we’ll do our best to answer them.

For iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch specific questions, email; for Android-specific questions, email